We are Salt & Candy

It’s all in the name. (If you’re wondering where it comes from) Have you ever gone to the movies and had salty popcorn mixed with sweets? Well, it’s delicious! And who would have thought to mix the two? Well, that’s how we approach our projects. We bring to life what you never imagined was possible. Life is not always about having one or the other.

Salt & Candy are Digital & Brand Communication Specialists; Converters ­­of traditional brand values into sustainable digital strategies. You see, a digital strategy still needs core brand values, just at a faster pace, which is why we’re
specialists with a difference.

digital strategy

web & app development

design concepts & executuion


We have a portfolio to be proud of

As much as our clients choose us, we like to believe we choose them…

Great partnerships yield great results...

We love to work with international companies and people from all around the world. Digital technology means that we are increasingly able to cross borders and work seamlessly with overseas clients. Our client portfolio currently stretches across 10 countries and growing!

Let a compelling digital marketing strategy drive the success of your business

We’re all about innovation. It’s the very reason why we develop compelling ideas that captivate audiences and drive consumer and business engagement. From concept right through to delivery, we produce websites, advertising, campaigns and drive SEO, PPC, re-marketing and much more for our clients.


Salt & Candy are a dedicated team of designers, developers and
marketers who thrive on the challenge of turning
business ideas into reality. We employ the brightest and most talented professionals,
use the latest technologies, and apply the best project management
methodologies in order to ensure that you achieve your goals when you work with us.

.seo .seo


Need SEO for a new website build or looking to improve an existing website’s performance in Google? We can help!
.branding .branding


Our innovative creatives will take your vision, and translate it into a brand persona you can be more than proud of.
.design .design


Communicate your values and express your business’ personality on your marketing platforms through design.
.development .development


Don’t get spooked by coding jargon. We’ve got you covered no matter your needs or budget.
.social media .social media

.social media

We know you want to make things happen. It’s why we think the big thoughts and bring them to life online.
.strategy .strategy


Looking at each business,we work with clients to help make a transformational shift that yields results.