09 Aug 2016
Helix Brand Design

It’s not secret that running your own business can be a challenge. With different tasks, processes and factors to take into consideration, you need to save time and money wherever you can. That’s where helix quicklink comes in. Salt andCandy have been responsible for the brand development of helix quicklink from the ground up. From the […]

16 Jun 2015

Visit Mozambique is an eCommerce website that hosts two fully-catered resorts in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique; Kaya Kweru and Baleia A Vista. We created their website, new CI, various marketing activities such as lifestyle photography, videography, SEO, PPC, Blog writing and Social Media Management.   We have had the pleasure of staying at these resorts couldn’t […]

10 Dec 2014

The Cloud has moved rapidly from ‘nice to have’, to a ‘must have’. It is estimated that 90% of U.K. businesses are using at least one cloud service today. Despite what major cloud providers say, the right Cloud for your business is simply a set of tools, technologies or processes that can inject efficiency and […]

10 Dec 2014

“People are precious. That’s why we believe that you deserve to know what you’re putting on your body and what we’re putting in our products. We choose to trust nature rather than chemicals and nasty synthetics, and only use the best wild-harvested organic ingredients. We also ensure that everything we use is proven to be […]