Our Services

We offer a range of our digital marketing services from our team based in Durban, South Africa & The United Kingdom. Our flexible approach has also allowed us to service local & international clients, and our footprint is growing! We currently service global clients in 10 + countries.

Flexibility is the new black. It’s what our business model is based on so that we have the freedom to pursue and achieve creativity for our clients, whenever we need it. The pursuit of creativity doesn’t span traditional working hours – and we’re okay with that. We’ve tailored all internal work processes to allow for maximum creativity, working from the spaces that inspire us most. Your brand is a 24/7 operation that doesn’t pack up and leave at 5pm. So, we’re of that belief that the people that look after it should be, too.

Flexi-hours for our employees means they love what they do. This results in a consistently high standard of work that takes care of your brand, elevating it to new heights.


We understand that commissioning a website can be a daunting prospect. We’re here to make the process a breeze, and deliver long-term results. SMEs need great websites just as much as big businesses. At Salt & Candy we have two offerings; our custom and complex high-end solutions for corporate and enterprise clients, and our top-quality websites for SMEs.


Social Media isn’t advertising: it’s social. Let us help you leverage social in a real, authentic way. We’ll give your brand a point of view, a voice and a reason for people to keep talking with you, and keep your brand thriving on social media. We can help make a transformational shift in your online profitability and longevity using the power of social media. Our team of marketers create the strategic thinking and then implement the ‘getting it done’ so that you can enjoy the long-term results!


Your brand identity should represent the way you want your customers to feel about your company. Our talented brand designers will work closely with you to create engaging visuals that really resonate with your target audience and continue to build your brand’s own unique persona from the ground up and through to digital, print and more…


We have customised solutions that work with any brief and budget. We deal with local and international campaigns on every level across the board. It’s important to understand that SEO is an investment, not a short-term expense. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Contact our agency today to see how our SEO services can be tailored to suit your specific needs and help you exceed in ways you never ever dreamed!


A great business never stops innovating or finding new avenues for success and with our help, you could conquer them all. Why not let us take a closer look with you so that we can tweak the things that make (or could make) your business tick? That way, you can reach your full brand potential and exceed your expectations.


The digital world has become increasingly more visual when communicating with your audience. One only has to look at the growth of visual stories on social media to see it. Appealing visuals or videos are the best way to get your audience to captivate your audience for longer. Apart from all our other expertise, we offer photography and videography to all our clients, creating a one-stop solution for all your digital communication. Alan Nixon, besides being our creative director, heads up this department and has over 30 years experience in both fileds.